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Corporate Courses

Improve your language skills

Are you an expat in an international company and want to be able to join in on the conversations with your German colleagues, neighbours and friends?

Will you soon be transferred to an affiliate office and require an intensive training course?

Even though you are quite versed in a foreign language, you feel uncomfortable in international meetings, conference calls and negotiations because you lack speaking practice.

With the experts for expats from WORTLAND you will systematically improve your language skills. We will define the training content and procedure together and regularly check your progress. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate to mark your success.

You personal needs and learning pace will set the tone for the course:

  • Comprehension, speaking, reading and writing skills with a focus on practical usage. So that you can communicate right away!
  • Correct use of grammar and vocabulary from the start. You will feel confident with the new language straight away!
  • Our WORTLAND-method for active communication - more than just small talk!

Choose the language you want to learn: German, French, Spanish, Mandarin and more.
We are also happy to organize group courses in your company.

Meet the WORTLAND team! Arrange an appointment for a free placement interview.

Prices upon request.


Private courses

Reconciling job, family and language training

Are both your job and your private life demanding? We offer flexible language training (German course, English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish etc.), tailored to your specific needs.

Is structured language training in a group situation not your cup of tea? Would you prefer a trainer who meets your specific requirements, who motivates and challenges you?

Would you like to prepare for a language exam or for a job interview?

With WORTLAND your needs determine the pace of the training, anytime and anywhere. It is your choice if you would like to meet for the classes at home, in our school, in a café or restaurant or even on Skype:

  • Comprehension, speaking, reading and writing skills with a focus on practical usage
  • Correct use of grammar and vocabulary from the start
  • Our WORTLAND-method for active communication

10 units (of 45 minutes) individual language course: 460 €

Please contact us to arrange an appointment for a free placement interview. It is our mission to help you reach your goals in a fast and fun way!

German and English for medical professionals and doctors

Using language competently for doctors and medical professionals

Our German courses will hone your professional language skills and are especially designed for doctors and medical professionals. In a short amount of time, you will be able to communicate proficiently in your day-to-day professional life. Our certified trainers of “German for medical professionals” have a background in the health sector, or have been teaching medical professionals for many years. Objectives: Language competence for working in a clinic environment on language level B2 (preparation for the B2 exam).

Topics (amongst others):

  • Speaking with patients, relatives and colleagues/superiors.
  • Writing clinical documentation and mastering shift changes.
  • Symptoms, illnesses, medicines

See German page for German and English courses for medical professionals in 2018!

This is what our customers say:

„Das Feedback unserer Mitarbeiter zum „Deutschkurs für Pflegekräfte“ von Wortland ist sehr positiv und alle konnten von dem großen Einsatz seitens der Trainerin, Frau Cahn, profitieren. Es gelang ihr sowohl auf die individuellen Bedürfnisse der Teilnehmer als auch auf die Bedürfnisse der Chirurgischen Klinik Dr. Rinecker einzugehen. Wir bedanken uns für die tolle Arbeit und empfehlen wir diesen Kurs gerne weiter!“

Resad Puhovac, Pflegedienstleitung Chirurgische Klinik Dr. Rinecker

„Mit Wortland haben wir den idealen Partner für die sprachliche Schulung unserer Mitarbeiter mit Migrationshintergrund gefunden. Von den ersten Gesprächen mit der Geschäftsleitung über die Vorbereitung der Kurse mit den Trainern bis zu deren Durchführung war die hohe Professionalität von Wortland zu erkennen. Insbesondere ist das Konzept der berufsbezogenen Sprachschule mit dem spezifischen, im Arbeitsalltag erforderlichen Wortschatz zusammen mit der Abstufung nach den unterschiedlichen Sprachniveaus unserer Mitarbeiter absolut stimmig. Auch ist die Möglichkeit der Inhouse-Sprachkurse von großem Wert, da dadurch Kurse flexibel zu den Diensten geplant werden können und unsere Mitarbeiter dadurch eine hohe Zeitersparnis hatten."

Stefan Müller-Richter, Geschäftsführer der Internistischen Klinik Dr. Müller

"Wir benötigen dauerhaft Deutsch- und Englischsprachkurse. Wir arbeiten sehr gerne mit Wortland zusammen – da für uns sowohl die spezielle Branchenkenntnis als auch die Professionalität und Kompetenz der Dozenten / des Instituts im Vordergrund stehen – und genau das haben wir mit Wortland gefunden!"

Birgit Tschilschke, Akademie - Städtisches Klinikum München

Special training from doctors for doctors on request.

More language services

Telephone Training

Do you have to speak in a foreign language on the phone?

Do you have international colleagues you usually communicate with on the phone?

Communicating by phone is not only about exchanging important information or leading business negotiations. It is also about finding the right tone, appreciating our dialogue partners and creating not just a good professional but also a personal relationship. This can be quite a challenge!

Our experienced and professional language trainers will support you to be able to communicate successfully on the phone.

Courses can be booked as individual training or as group in-company training.


WORTLAND offers professional translation services for many of the world’s languages.

Our highly skilled translators translate into their native language. We are committed to giving close attention to detail and choosing accurate wording with a feel for the relevant language to make sure your content gets across exactly the way you had envisioned. WORTLAND is aware of the importance and urgency of your work. We treat your orders reliably and with complete adherence to deadlines at very fair prices.

  • Translation of your Internet site and presentations
  • Job adverts and cv/resumes for your job application
  • Medical, legal and technical documents
  • Technical manuals
  • Certified translations of legal documents

Proof reading

Our experts make sure your documents are 100 % correct and consistent.

We proof read…

  • Advertising copy and brochures
  • Corporate presentations
  • Academic papers
  • Medical texts
  • Internet pages

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