GTC (General Terms & Conditions)

Terms & conditions for language instruction

WORTLAND’s goal is to provide language lessons of the highest quality and greatest flexibility. To ensure successful collaboration, the following terms & conditions apply:

§ 1 General

A teaching unit is 45 minutes, unless otherwise agreed upon. An appointment is made up of at least 2 units, i.e. at least 90 minutes. Language training is conducted by qualified and experienced tutors. The tutors are native speakers. Generally one specific tutor is assigned to a course. For courses with larger numbers of units, an additional tutor can be used to take over the course after a specific period of time, on agreement with the parties. For longer-term absences of tutors (illness, vacation, etc.) a replacement tutor can be provided on request.

§ 2 Breaks

A 5-minute break is included per unit. For sessions consisting of 2 units (90 minutes) the 10-minute break is usually dispensed with. For sessions longer than 2 units, we suggest taking breaks by arrangement with the tutor.

§ 3 Payment

Payment is due at the start of a course. Invoices will usually be sent after the first lesson, and are due within 14 working days, unless otherwise agreed. Installment plans can be arranged.

§ 4 Cancellation policy

Lessons can be canceled or postponed. WORTLAND will not charge a cancellation fee. This applies to cancellations up to 48 hours prior to a lesson appointment. For intensive courses (4 units per day or more) appointments must be canceled at least 7 days before the appointment. If the lesson is canceled less than 48 hours prior to the arranged appointment (less than 7 days for intensive course) the regular fee will be charged.

This rule applies to WORTLAND as well. In the case of cancellation by WORTLAND less than 48 hours prior to an appointment the following applies: the canceled unit will not be charged for, and will be postponed to a later date. In addition the number of canceled units will be credited to your account as free extra units!

§ 5 Duration, frequency and validity of the teaching

(1) The minimum number of units for a language course is 20.

(2) Lesson frequency is fixed in agreement with the participants. It should be noted that the success of language training depends on regular attendance. Where a break of more than 8 weeks occurs, WORTLAND reserves the right to assign the tutor to another course.

(3) Where a break of more than 6 months occurs, a course will be deemed to have been terminated. Remaining units already paid for will be forfeited, and no fees will be refunded. In isolated cases individual solutions can be agreed to.

§ 6 Termination of a course

Termination or cancellation of a course currently running is only possible for good cause. Such termination or cancellation must be in writing. Cancellation of a course that has already been paid for by the client will lead to refunding of 2/3 of the number of remaining units. One third, or at least € 200.00, will however be withheld as administrative charge.

§ 7 Methodology and quality

The WORTLAND system teaches language skills in an efficient and fun way. We have developed a special method for teaching German vocabulary and grammar. This method is used exclusively by our tutors, and only for teaching German as a foreign language. WORTLAND and its tutors will discuss and agree your curriculum with you on a regular basis.

From time to time, participants will be asked for an evaluation of the course and their level of satisfaction by phone. After some time we will ask you for written feedback regarding our service. You will receive a form for this purpose.

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Terms and conditions for trainings and coachings (communication, rhethoric, ect.)

General terms and conditions regarding the attendance at conferences, symposia, seminars and trainings as well as other services, e.g. in-house events, etc.
(hereinafter called events) of Wortland | Sprach- und Kommunikationstraining GbR (hereinafter called Wortland).

I. General provisions

1. Scope

The regulations stated in the application form (e.g. in printed brochures or online at apply to the contracts regarding the attendance at Wortland
events as well as the following contract conditions. An agreement regarding the attendance at Wortland events is only valid after Wortland has confirmed the participant’s application in writing. All contract modifications or amendments must be made in writing. Verbal agreements are only binding if Wortland confirms them in writing. The same applies to this clause.

2. Registration cancellation by the participant

a) General
It is possible to cancel the attendance two weeks prior to the respective event for an administrative fee of € 50.00. For cancellations up to one week prior to the respective event, half of the attendance fee will be charged; for less that one week the whole attendance fee must be paid unless another participant from the same company is provided. A change of participants will be handled in the same manner as cancellations according to clause 1.
b) Cancellation in case of a discount agreement
If the participant has been granted a discount by Wortland, said discount will only
apply to the performance of the contract. Should the participant cancel an event, the cancellation fee will be calculated according to the full event participation fee.
aa) Participant discounts
If the client (company) has been granted a group discount – i.e., based on the attendance of several participants at the same event – the following special regulation applies: for each respective individually canceled participant, section 2a) above applies. For the calculation of the remaining attendance fee, the group discount no longer applies; the full attendance fee will be charged for all remaining participants.
bb) Event discounts
If the client (company) has been granted a bulk discount in terms of a discount on the events – i.e., based on the attendance of one person at several events – the following special regulation applies: for each respective individually canceled event, section 2a) above applies. For the calculation of the remaining attendance fee, the bulk discount no longer applies; the full attendance fee will be charged for each remaining event.
c) Deadline and form of cancellation
In order to keep the deadline, cancellations have to be submitted per mail, e-mail or fax, to the attention of Wortland.

3. Prices and fees

The prices and fees stated (including the cancellation fees) are net prices; applicable VAT must also be paid.

4. Cancellation of events

Wortland may cancel an event due to commercial or organizational reasons. In this
case, Wortland will refund all attendance fees which already have been paid. No
additional remuneration can be claimed due to the cancellation unless as provided for under section 5 below. Wortland will not refund any additional charges arising from the

participant having to cancel or rebook transportation or accommodation which he or she arranged.
We would like to point out the possibility of booking business rates with transport companies such as DB or airlines that can be canceled free of charge, or of taking out a seminar cancellation expenses insurance.

5. Liability

If essential responsibilities discussed in the contractual agreement are not involved, Wortland (both directly and for its vicarious agents) only assumes liability for damages which
can be established as resulting from an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty within the framework of the contractual agreement, and which are typical damages lying within the realm of the predictable. Should an event be postponed or cancelled due to force majeure, Wortland assumes no liability.

Wortland does not assume liability for consequential damages resulting from possibly erroneous and/or incomplete contents of presentations and/or event documentation.

6. Changes to the event schedule

Wortland reserves the right to replace or remove individual presentations, provided such changes do not influence the overall character of the event.

7. Registration rejections

Wortland reserves the right to reject registrations for an event and is under no obligation to provide an explanation for this decision.

8. Use of event documentation

Presentations and event documentation are protected by copyright law. Rights to their use may only be transferred through express written consent.
Participants are not permitted to copy license materials distributed for informational, educational or training purposes. License materials are computer programs and/or other licensed data (or databases) in machine-readable form, and their accompanying documentation.

9. Filming and photography rights

Event participants grant the event organizer the permission to create, record, copy, distribute, allow to be distributed, or use in audiovisual media images, audio and/or video recordings in which/on which they appear, and which extend beyond the simple recording of an event. This consent applies to all conventional and future media, and is granted irrevocably and without commercial or other recompense.

II. Provisions for special events and conditions

For the following event types, in addition to the general provisions listed above, the respective special provisions also apply.

1. Training programmes

The participation in a training programme can be cancelled up to five weeks prior to its start, provided a cancellation fee of 2 % of the participation fee is paid. After this point in time, the following schedule of fees applies:
• Up to 3 weeks prior to the programme start: 15 %

• Up to 2 weeks prior to the programme start: 50 %
• Up to 1 week prior to the programme start: 80 %
• If cancellations are made less than one week prior to the programme start, or a participant fails to attend the programme: 100%
The normal full participation fee serves as the basis for the cancellation fee, provided it doesnot exceed the amount invoiced to the participant for the programme in question.

3. In-house training

In-house training programs can be cancelled up to 8 weeks before the scheduled date, provided a cancellation fee of € 500.00. For cancellations up to 4 weeks before the scheduled start, 50% of the participation fee must be paid; after this date, the fee must be paid in full.

Cancellation fees concerning speakers from third-party service providers – especially those for travel costs or hotel accommodation – will be passed on in full to said service providers. Should an in-house training program be postponed due to force majeure, as a result of illness, an accident or other injury, or due to any other hindrance of a speaker for which Wortland is not responsible, a make-up date will be scheduled or an equally qualified substitute speaker will be provided, in consultation with the client.

4. Event series

In the case of a series of events, several modules or events are all booked together and in combination. Here, individual modules or events cannot be cancelled separately. The entire booking can be cancelled up to 4 weeks before the first scheduled date, provided a cancellation fee of 3 % of the entire participation fee is paid. In all other cases, the provision under section I Nr. 2, sentence 2 applies.

Participants can, with the permission of Wortland, change their module bookings up to 4 weeks before the first scheduled date at no additional charge.

5. Events including hotel accommodation

If an event is offered by Wortland including hotel accommodation in a package price, itcan be cancelled up to 60 days before the scheduled start, provided an administrative fee of
8 % of the participation fee is paid. After this point in time, the cancellation fee is 20 % of the participation fee up to 45 days before the start, 30 % up to 30 days, 40 % up to 16 days, 60 % up to 8 days, and thereafter 90 %. If participants do not attend, or if their cancellation is received on the day before the service is scheduled to be performed or later, the participation fee must be paid in full.

If a participant has booked additional overnight stays or a double room in a hotel, the cancellation policy of the respective hotel applies. If the event is cancelled by the participant or by the event organizer, the participant must personally attend to the cancellation of his or her booking.

III. Closing provisions

The place of jurisdiction is Munich, Germany, provided a contract has been concluded with a company (Cf. § 14 of the German Civil Code (BGB)).
Version: January 01, 2015


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