Tandem Learning

von Carmen Beck

Here's how:

We would like to give you some practical tips how to learn a language easily with your tandem partner!

  • Use a tandem learning diary (learning objectives, content and progress)
  • set objectives (reduce language barriers, talk fluently, build vocabulary, learn the culture, have fun ): be concrete and realistic!
  • use various materials (newspapers, books, recipes, pictures, cultural event flyers and other flyers)
  • Talk slowly (not loudly) and clearly
  • Make simple, but correct phrases in your mother language
  • If not requested by your partner: avoid correcting while talking, instead repeat the sentence in a natural way
  • appreciative feedback and correction
  • reflect at the end of your tandem session and make further arrangements

How it works - foundations for a successful learning for two:

  • human understanding / sympathy
  • common interests
  • time availability
  • punctuality / reliability
  • consistency: f e once a week 30 minutes each!
  • common aims
  • initial support at the beginning of the experience

Lots of fun learning another language with someone you like!