Rhetorical and Public Speaking Training – 4 steps to becoming more competent

Make a lasting impact. How to hone your Public Speaking Skills.

Different situations in daily business require different sets of speaking skills. Depending on whether you are engaged in a one-on-one conversation, a phone call, a negotiation, a meeting, a videoconference, a presentation or a public speech. Knowing how to correctly employ your rhetorical skills is a real asset! Learn how to speak with improved skill and influence and become a compelling communicator who engages his/her audience.

Wortland’s comprehensive (public speaking) training helps you become a competent speaker in four steps. You will polish up your rhetorical skills gradually and learn to employ them in practical exercises. An extensive needs-analysis will serve to select the module, which best suits your personal needs in the individual training sessions.

Awareness, respect, confidence and success: The expert speaker is able to reach people and convey his message effectively.

Can be elected either as an in-house seminar for your colleagues or as a personal one-on-one coaching.

Wortland - Mit uns bauen Sie Ihre Sprachkenntnisse systematisch auf

How to convince

Is giving presentations part of your daily business? Would you like to convey your message more convincingly? Would you like individual and professional support to improve the structure of your presentations and your stage presence?

Do you wish to get information across without boring people; do you want to offer convincing arguments, be witty and engage your audience from beginning to end?


Do you want to be listened to and influence your colleagues, your boss and your clients by using adequate body language, being aware of emotional impact, gestures, facial expressions, and a sonorous voice?

WORTLAND offers the following modules for you to improve and increase your impact:

I. Presentation training

  • Effective presentation structure
  • Mastering all media for a proficient presentation
  • Achieving authentic body language
  • Convincing voice and way of speaking
  • Commanding the stage and dealing with stage fright and interruptions

II. Argumentation und persuasion

  • Structure of argumentation
  • Effective reasoning
  • Structuring your speech
  • Discourse and debate
  • Conversation techniques

III. Rhetorical training for women

  • Learn how to communicate your expertise
  • Be convincing and create impact
  • Achieve authentic body language
  • Use your voice to influence others
  • Dealing with verbal manipulation and interruptions confidently

Milena Hardt (Master of Speech Communication and Rhetoric) experienced trainer and coach teaches you the skills you really need.

Can be elected either as an in-house seminar for your colleagues or as a personal one-on-one coaching.

Voice and telephone

Using vocal dynamics to gain attention:

I.    Individual voice coaching             

  • Exercises for breathing and relaxation
  • Pronunciation training
  • Getting your audience to stay engaged and motivated
  • Mitigate the effects of stress on your voice
  • Physical exercises for a better resonance and more volume
  • Using your voice to influence others
  • Dialect training

II.    Telephone training

  • Communicating over the phone
  • Convincing voice and way of speaking
  • Rhetoric and negotiation
  • Communicating effectively with clients
  • Handling difficult dialogue partners


Can be elected either as an in-house seminar for your colleagues or as a personal one-on-one coaching.

Writing skills
Wortland Korrespondenz

Master appropriate writing techniques:

Do you want your business correspondence to be state of the art and effective, encouraging a timely and targeted response?

Do you want to write clearly and succinctly?

And what about punctuation? Would you like to avoid embarrassing mistakes?



I. State-of-the-art correspondence

  • Public relations and Corporate Identity
  • Delivering targeted messages to specific audiences
  • Features of modern correspondence
  • Structuring a letter
  • The elements of style
  • Normative standards
  • Structuring e-mails correctly
  • E-mail netiquette

II. New German Orthography

  • Sound-letter-relation
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation

A well-designed interactive training gives you the most important tools for writing e-mails and letters. Please bring in specific examples from work and we will adapt the sessions in such a way so that you can immediately and directly benefit in your day-to-day business.

Please contact WORTLAND for your in-house workshop.

Business etiquette
Wortland Korrespondenz

The Dos and Don’ts in business:

Have you been invited for a job interview, are stepping in to a new position or have just been promoted? The general manager has invited you to dinner? A faux pas can negatively impact your career. You will learn how to manoeuvre confidently in the rough ocean of modern business in which expertise alone is no longer a sufficient guarantee for success. Show yourself from your best side!

  • What are the adequate dress codes and standards?
  • What does my body language reveal?
  • How to be well mannered and courteous in any public situation.
  • What to order/eat and how do I behave during a business lunch/dinner?
  • Who introduces whom?
  • Business handshake etiquette.
  • Who is first to enter the elevator?
  • What can I tell colleagues in my new company and what should I keep to myself?

Please contact WORTLAND for your in-house training or private coaching.

Team-building using methods rooted in theatre

Turn your group into a team: let acting enhance the spirit of your team and hone your communication skills - you will have lots of fun!

Acting on stage is always a group practice. All participants have to pull together. Drama naturally kindles our team spirit and your colleagues will enjoy experiencing the unimaginable in front of the curtain. Give them a teambuilding event that will strengthen their performance, improve their social competence and let them have a great time together as a team!

The objectives of this course, using methods from improvisational theatre include:

  • improving the presence of each member of the team
  • gaining awareness of your body language and using a clearer, fuller voice as a useful tool in todays’ work environment
  • exploring the different levels of understanding a message
  • enhancing the communication structure between colleagues
  • and last but not least: bringing fun to the group, giving people the opportunity to see themselves and others in a new light, being creative using every person’s talents!

Methods used

Keith Johnstone’s and Viola Spolin’s methods taken from improvisational theatre help the group to act spontaneously in new situations in a fun way. You will let go of certain behavioural patterns and explore new ways of expressing yourself.


Acting 1

With methods rooted in the theatre we review the process of not only group interaction, but also cooperation and refine our own skills. Under the supervision of your experienced coach you will improve your ability to communicate as a team as well as to give presentations to clients and colleagues.

Acting 2 with Lola Montez

Bigger than life, Lola Montez was an inspiring woman. For one day, we get to walk in her shoes, experience her wild legacy and let loose, with her as our exciting role model! Let yourself be surprised…

Our team-building seminars can comprise from 6 up to 40 people. The duration of the seminars is flexible. They can be booked for half a day, a day or even two days. Seminars will be held in German or English.

Please contact Wortland for further information!