4 top tips: How to learn a new language more quickly

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What’s the quickest way of gaining native-level fluency in German, French, Italian or Spanish? Here’s the bad news: it takes years to dedicated practice to truly master a new language. Here’s the good news: it takes a lot less time to achieve conversational fluency. Conversational fluency refers to the ability to have conversations about everyday, … Weiterlesen

Does your personality change when you change language?

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You’ve probably come across people who are multilingual and you’ve admired their ability to switch between different languages with ease. However, as you marvel at their fluency in more than one language, has it ever occurred to you that their behavior might change depending on the language that they are speaking at the moment? Read … Weiterlesen

Why is communication skills training important?

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Effective communication comprises developing all the skills involved during the communication process. While the courses are tailored to the needs of the participants, they help develop and improve essential communication skills such as listening, conflict resolution, customer service and negotiation. Communication is a diverse process that can affect relationships at work and in life positively … Weiterlesen

Lack of language skills – Biggest obstacle for expats?

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Not speaking the local language is the biggest challenge that workers in a foreign country face. One survey found that over 61 percent of seniors managers were of the opinion that the biggest barrier in the way of expats trying to complete their assignments is not knowing the local language. More than half of the … Weiterlesen