Best things about being an Expat

being an Expat

As an expat in a new country, it’s important that you learn the ropes of living there as soon as possible. However, even with the challenges involved in acclimatizing to a new environment, there are many great things about being an expat. You can find fulfillment, pleasure, excitement and even happiness in various aspects of … Weiterlesen

Why Expatriate training is important for your business

Expatriate training

Thanks to, among other things, the internet and globalization, organizations are not limited to operating locally. They can stretch their reach over vast geographical regions. For this reason, an increasing number of companies in the US are sending their employees on international assignments to work as expatriates. Not only is this a huge financial investment, … Weiterlesen

Reasons for Expat failure and how to avoid them

Expat - Wortland Kommunikationstraining aus München

Venturing into a new territory opens up a sea of possibilities both for an organization and the employee who receives the international assignment. For the employer, it’s an opportunity to tap into the market of the new region. For the expatriate, it’s—among other things—a chance to broaden their career and life experience by immersing themselves … Weiterlesen