With Wortland you can learn the five most important languages ​​- English, German, French, Italian and Spanish – quickly, effectively and cost-efficiently – with BLENDED-LEARNING!

BLENDED-LEARNING means combining online learning activities (vocabulary training, grammar exercises and listening comprehension) with classroom and/or virtual classroom training provided by experienced trainers. These activities will respond to your individual needs, give you valuable tips and, above all, help you to improve your oral language skills. In exchange with the teacher – and in the group course with your classmates – you stay motivated and focused.

With BLENDED-LEARNING you benefit from the advantages of both forms of learning in an ideal way. One benefit is you determine what you want to practice online on your PC, tablet or smartphone, regardless of place and time. Another benefit is having the assistance from a professional, personal coach who will provide individual support so that you can speak the new language safely and correctly from the beginning and reach your specific goals (eg. specific technical language skills or exams).

Important in language learning is maintaining regularity. Your brain „likes it“ when you frequently work on small 15-20 minute learning sessions instead of spending one or two hours learning a language ​​only once a week or even once a month. With the online tools you are able to improve your foreign language skills on a business trip or while traveling on public transport. Thus, you can learn efficiently even with limited time or budget and still be able to reach your goal!

With BLENDED-LEARNING you can also refresh and improve your current language skills.

How does BLENDED-LEARNING work exactly at Wortland?

It is a two-fold process, you learn the language you want individually with a user friendly online platform. While at the same time, attending individual lessons (via Skype, in-house group trainings or through a virtual classroom) to train and consolidate relevant oral and written language knowledge.

Here are the facts about our online platforms within the BLENDED LEARNING system:

• They cover all relevant GER levels A1-C1 in all five languages ​​(English, German as a Foreign Language, French, Italian and Spanish) and are very user friendly.

• Demonstrably very low dropout rate.

• You choose the right course or level based on our free placement tests to accelerate your learning progress. We are happy to advise you!

• Each course has the same basic structure: The state-of-the-art subtitled video shows you everyday-relevant content and introduces you to the new culture behind the language.

• In addition, new vocabulary and structures will be presented. The application of the newly learned language takes place in dialog texts. Then you can use a variety of interactive and varied exercises to practice and consolidate the learning content.

• According to your pace, practice all learning contents and repeat as needed. Ie. you decide autonomously how often and when you want to practice something in order to really master the material you have learned.

• You check your own progress by taking at least three intermediate tests and a final test. Once you’ve successfully completed the final level test, you can move on to the next level.

What options are available when booking an online language course?

• You can book 2, 4 or 8 courses, each with a duration of 3, 6 or 12 months. Ask for our prices!

• You are flexible and might also learn different languages ​​with one license, for example if you want to freshen up your English and also prepare yourself for your holiday in Italy with an Italian language course!

• As a fast learner, you can complete the courses at your own pace. For example, if you complete 2 courses in 6 weeks instead of 12 weeks, you can immediately move on to a new level.

With the online offer from Wortland you have full learner autonomy and determine your learning progress yourself!

In the BLENDED LEARNING system, you will learn online as well as in a regular classroom or virtual classroom training (either individual or in-house group training). However, online training requires less face-to-face training for the same learning progress. This results in significant cost savings for you.

In the classroom or virtual classroom training, the focus is primarily on verbal and written communication as well as the consolidation of the learning material. This is guaranteed by our qualified trainers. Thus, you stay the course and continue reaching your goals!

Your benefit through BLENDED-LEARNING:

• You combine the benefits of online and classroom teaching.

• You learn autonomously and at your own pace.

• You improve your language skills safely and purposefully supported by a professional trainer.

• In him or her you have an experienced and empathic sparring partner, with whom you can bring your oral knowledge safely to a higher level.

• You are motivated and improve your language skills quickly and at the same time have fun.

• You learn effectively and cost-efficiently.

Contact us at +49 (0) 89 12 19 23 29 or contact@wortland.com, so that you can communicate more professionally and therefore more successfully with your business partners and colleagues and expand your professional and private contacts in social networks!